Voice Call and SMS

Record message in your own voice(by calling our number), convert text to speech or upload a clip and transmit immediately as phone calls to your group. You can also set the number of times the call is to be retried or set up an expiry time for the call.

The best advantage of Voice-SMS/Calls is that you can Communicate with your users in their own language.

Call : 0612-2297644 / +91-7677554988 for Demo and Special Bulk Voice-SMS/Calls packages offers.

Package Name Quantity Rate Validity
Starter 5000-10,000 55 paisa/voice sms 3 months
Bronze 10,001-50,000 50 paisa/voice sms 6 months
Silver 50,001-1,00,000 45 paisa/voice sms 1 Year
Gold 1,00,001-2,00,000 40 paisa/voice sms 1 Year
Diamond 2 lac and Above 38 paisa/voice sms 1 Year